Evia map


Evia is a large island of Greece in the Aegean Sea with 208,083 inhabitants, second only to Crete . It is with Skyros, a prefecture in Central Greece.
Evia is located on the east side of Central Greece and follows parallel to the coast from northwest to northeast of the northernmost point at the height of Lamia and the southernmost at the height of Sounion.
Closest point to mainland Greece is the strait of Evripos at the point where it is built the capital city and county, Chalkis.
From mainland Greece divided by the northern and southern Evia gulf, from Thessaly divided by the Aegean Sea and the channels Trikeri and Oreos. take all the counties in the region.
Evia, like all Central Greece is mountainous. In central Evia dominates the mountain Dirfis (1743 m), lying to the west, forming the mountains Kandili and Gerakovouni..

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